Yeah...when you see two people who are made for each other, your instinct will tell you so....
Last weekend photo session was just on point, as we did a pre wedding photo shoot for this lovely couple...
This is one of my best pre wedding so far.....I enjoyed every bit of it.

From Navy town in Satellite town, we moved down to Navy dockyard in Apapa...

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Happy to be part of this awesome couples martial exchange of vow......with recommendation from a friend we did a job for.( thanks Mr.Kennedy, we appreciate)

When the D day came, as early as 6am,  my crew and I were already there at the hotel where the couples Lodged.
As we checked into the Bride's room....we were greeted with overwhelming smiles from the good to go Bride...

The couples were exceptional....Happy Married Life!

Check out some of the pictures below....

Church Wedding took place @ Arcbishop
Vinning Memorial Church, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

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